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About Us

FaciLegal offers reliable legal services with no hidden fees. Our expert team accompanies you every step of the way.

We are dedicated to solving your legal problems efficiently and ethically. We use technology to provide better customer service and to be able to serve all Guatemalans no matter where they are.

Discover our legal services


starting from Q 4,999.00

IP Registration

starting from Q 2,499.00

General and Specific Mandates

starting from Q 999.00

Shareholder Meetings

starting from Q 699.00

Power of Attorney

starting from Q 99.00

Legal Appointments

starting from Q 999.00


starting from Q 1,999.00

Intestate Succession

starting from Q 9,999.00

Uncontested Divorce

starting from Q 5,999.00

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership

starting from Q 999.00

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