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Incorporating your business is easy with FaciLegal.

We help you register your corporation in the most transparent and effective way. Our expert team of lawyers adapts your partnership agreement to the specific needs of you and your partners.

starting from Q 4,999.00

IP Registration

Registering and protecting your intellectual property is easy with FaciLegal.

Your brand can be any visually perceptible denominative, figurative, three-dimensional or mixed sign that distinguishes your products or services from the competition.

starting from  Q 2,499.00

General and Specific Mandates

Representing you in formal procedures is easy with FaciLegal.

You can grant a mandate for someone to represent you and act on your behalf in all acts or businesses for which the law does not require your personal intervention.

starting from Q 999.00

Shareholder Meetings

Registering decisions made in a shareholders' meeting is easy with FaciLegal.

The assemblies can be ordinary or extraordinary depending on the topic to be discussed. In both cases, a notary from our team will take care of certifying the act that the shareholders want to celebrate.

starting from Q 699.00

Power of Attorney

Authorizing a third party to carry out your informal procedures is easy with FaciLegal.

If you need someone to carry out any errand, diligence or informal procedure for you, we can legalize your power of attorney at any of our offices or one of our notaries can visit you.

starting from Q 99.00

Legal Appointments

Enrolling your legal representative is easy with FaciLegal.

The legal representative acts on behalf of the company within the limits established by the assembly. We deliver your appointment the Mercantile Registry and execute the cancellation of the previous appointment.

starting from Q 999.00


Defining the future of your assets and obligations is easy with FaciLegal.

Spare your family problems when you are gone. Make your will at any age and care for your legacy your way.

starting from Q 1,999.00

Intestate Succession

Ordering and dividing an estate between heirs is easy with FaciLegal.

We are experts in carrying out the legal procedures for an extrajudicial succession.

starting from Q 9,999.00

Uncontested Divorce

Starting a new phase of your life is easy with FaciLegal.

We help you end your marriage amicably, fairly and humanely.

starting from Q 5,999.00

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership

Selling and buying vehicles is easy with FaciLegal.

We ensure a legal and orderly transfer of property.

starting from Q 999.00

Real Estate Sale, Purchase and Lease Agreements

Selling, acquiring and renting real estate is easy with FaciLegal.

We adapt your purchase or rental contract to your specific needs so that all contingencies are covered.

starting from Q 2,999.00


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